Silence Your Self Doubt & Embrace Your Inner Badass.

It is time to eliminate the things standing in your way...
 and smash goals that have escaped your grasp until now.


Imposter Syndrome. Performance Anxiety. Self-Doubt.


It’s easy to feel like you aren’t good enough. That you aren’t worthy of success, or that you have too many flaws or make too many mistakes. That you aren’t enough.

When you leave this masterclass you will be ready to complete the goals that have eluded you.

You are good enough to go after those big dreams…
But it isn’t enough for you to hear that from me. You need to know how to tell yourself that… and how to actually believe it.

I created my

Badass Masterclass:
A fighter pilot's guide to building courage & conquering your inner critic

because I know what it’s like to feel held back by self-doubt and imposter syndrome. I’ve dealt with it myself. Now I want to help people to free themselves from this limiting cycle… and to move into the world of success and opportunity that awaits on the other side.

For the first time, I’m offering this life-changing routine with multiple level options – so no matter what stage you’re at or how much guidance you need, I have a path for you to take a bold step into the Badass Future you deserve.



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You’ve worked so hard to get to where you’re at. The opportunities are in front of you. You can see them there. But whenever you go to take that leap of faith, that big step of courage into the unknown— you hear the thoughts:

“I’m not good enough”. “There are so many people better for this position”. “I need more experience”. “I’m not ready.”

It takes intentionality and practice! But It IS possible to conquer these thoughts and step into the life you want.

The Life of a Badass.


Get a 30,000’ perspective on recognizing your inner critic.


Identify your draws and what you really want to go after.


Get clarity on who your wingmen are and how to find more.


Build your dream team and a system to reconsider your choices and create new habits.


Compile your personal battle plan, and create an action list that helps you put everything into practice.


Draft your final Badass Formula and sign a contract with yourself to follow up on meeting your goals.


Too many think they’re the problem. *Insert Taylor Swift song* And you might be right, but not in the way you think. It’s not that you aren’t good enough, smart enough, Type-A enough. It’s that you haven’t learned how to confidently move forward in a way that feels authentic to you when you start to hit that internal resistance.

Your skills and personality were enough to get you this far, and now you just need to learn to conquer your Imposter Syndrome, ignore your Inner Critic, and Embrace a better future.

You Are a Badass.

Now It’s Time to Start Acting Like One.


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Michelle Curran led an impressive career as a Fighter Pilot during her 13 years in the United States Air Force. From 2019-2021, she flew as the only female pilot for the Air Force Thunderbirds and performed for millions across the country and internationally. Michelle has been featured on several well-known media platforms, including The Kelly Clarkson Show, CBS Evening News, and Glamour.

Since transitioning out of the military, she has founded her company, Upside Down Dreams, and is committed to empowering men and women of all ages to overcome obstacles and face their self-doubt head on. She has inspired thousands from the stage and become an in-demand international speaker.

Michelle’s passion for breaking barriers and setting the example of what can be accomplished through hard work inspired her to write her best-selling children’s book, also named Upside Down Dreams. The first in a three-book series, this story has empowered kids to chase their dreams despite the fear that may stand in their way.


If you aren’t completely satisfied with the Badass Masterclass, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.